Solid–State Drives

Quickly boost the loading speed of your web site

If you would like to give your site a speed boost, all you need to do is just to host it with us. Our cloud website hosting servers have solid–state disks, so on every web hosting server you’ll enjoy unprecedented read ’n’ write speeds, which will make your web site remarkably fast.

With the exceptional Internet connectivity provided by all our cloud web hosting Data Center Facilities, your site will start to open quicker without any need for any configurations on your end.


A safe and secure web app firewall software

All our cloud website hosting packs feature ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does an excellent job – it functions as a web application firewall software, successfully protecting your sites against hack attacks. And it all takes place momentarily, without you needing to modify or set up anything. Your web sites will be secured as soon as you decide to host them with us.

VPN Access

Secure, private web site browsing

If, for any reason, you need to mask your online footmark, we have the right option for you. With each of our cloud website hosting packages, you’ll be able to get VPN access and have your entire incoming and outgoing web site traffic re–sent through one of our VPN data centers. And you’ll be able to use the exact same Virtual Private Network settings on any gadget that is connected to the World Wide Web – your desktop personal computer, your netbook, your mobile phone, etc..

Web Accelerators

A range of tools to boost your web sites’ loading speed

Conveniently integrated in the Hosting Control Panel you’ll find a lot of Website Accelerator Applications aimed at speeding up your dynamic, database–driven sites. By caching web content, these tools significantly reduce the number of times a database is accessed and thus curtail the server load. This helps all your web sites load faster and will lower the bounce rates. You can pick between 3 website accelerator tools – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

Setting up a remote MySQL database connection can be difficult with other web hosting suppliers. But at Prophetability Hosting, we have rendered the procedure amazingly easy – what you need to do is specify the IP of the hostname you intend to grant access and our clever system will take care of everything else. A remote MySQL database connection can be really helpful if you’d like to share a database among several sites.

Web Stats

Web hosting Control Panel–integrated web site stats

From the Hosting Control Panel, you can both manage and monitor your web sites. Each and every cloud website hosting package includes a collection of stats interfaces, which you’ll find in the Stats Manager section of the Control Panel. You can use the famous AWStats and Webalizer statistics tools or make use of our newly built systematic web statistics tool, which offers a convenient web analytics GUI. With Prophetability Hosting, you can find elaborate information about your site’s traffic and visitors straight inside your hosting Control Panel.

Website Builder

Start your own sites with a single mouse click straight away

Our cloud hosting plans come with a user–friendly Cost Free Web Site Generation Tool. You can find it inside the Hosting Control Panel. This software offers a selection of 100+ business and personal design templates and a user–friendly site management GUI. All you need to do is pick out a web design template and after that upload your pictures and add textual content with just a click of the mouse. When you’re ready, press the Publish button and your sites will be launched online momentarily.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A double–secured cloud hosting platform

By hosting web applications, email messages and databases on a few servers rather than just one, we have guaranteed a more durable web hosting environment for all your sites and web applications. Besides, we’ve decreased the web hosting servers’ vulnerability to hack/distributed denial–of–service attacks that can bring down the whole hosting server on a regular shared web hosting platform.

Web App Installer

A simple installation of personal diaries, photo albums, etcetera.

With the 1–click 1 Click Applications Installer tool incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel, you can bring your very own fully fledged site online within minutes. With a single click of the mouse, your blog, Internet forum, photo gallery or online store will be launched and will be ready for use. Pick out your web app, fill in some details related to your new web site and click on the Install button. We will do everything else for you! Over forty applications are present for you to choose from.

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