Whenever you obtain a new web hosting account, your payment is processed, the account is created and as automatic as the entire process can be, there're always small things which are conducted personally. For your virtual or a dedicated server there're even more jobs to be done because these forms of website hosting normally require a manual setup, software installation & configuration, checking the server environment in order to ensure that all things are working the way it should, etcetera. To fund the expenses for the time and efforts these things take, a lot of companies call for a one-time installation charge to be paid by their customers on top of the charge for the cloud website hosting. The charge usually applies to any new website hosting account being ordered and it is rarely given on the company’s web site, still it appears on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Website Hosting

Our cloud website hosting packages lack any sort of installation charges or any other concealed charges by and large. If you buy your account, we'll process your fee right away so your account will be created and activated by our system straight away. The full cost that you will have to pay for the web hosting package will be the same everywhere - on your front, order & payment pages, and you will not see or be charged anything besides that price at any time. This is valid irrespective of whether you purchase a number of accounts as it's our understanding that creating trust is much more important than getting a few more dollars. Our account activation is immediate, therefore you can proceed and start building your websites straight away.