If you use a script-driven platform for your site, it stores its information in a database and the more substantial the website becomes, the more data it collects. For instance, if you launch an Internet store, the size of the database which the e-commerce script uses will increase when you add more items. The same applies for a forum script - the more users that register and the more responses they submit, the more substantial the database. If your sites become more popular or you simply want to include more content, this can become a problem if your Internet hosting account has limited database storage area. The exact effect of reaching the limit will be depends on the script - the site can function properly, but you may not be able to add any new information; the internet site could be viewed with errors; or, in the worst scenario, the entire site might go offline.

MySQL Database Storage in Cloud Website Hosting

If you obtain a Linux cloud website hosting through our company, we will never limit the expansion of any MySQL-driven website that you host inside the account due to the fact that our plans include unlimited database space. Though enormous databases might affect the overall performance of a site whatever the type of hosting, we don't have a limit both for the total space all databases might take and for the overall size of one database. You can easily run an Internet store with as many items as you want or a forum without having to worry that you may have to remove old posts or limit the amount of registered users that you could have. Our Hepsia hosting CP will also enable you to import or export databases within your account irrespective of their size. If you experience any problems with the latter, our tech support team is available 24/7 to assist you.