CentOS is one of the most widespread Linux-based server Operating Systems on the market. It's used by lots of web hosting suppliers, since it's very stable, reliable and secure, not to mention that it can be customized freely, since it is an open-source OS. CentOS is used for production servers, because it's also very fast and takes minimal resources. In addition, you will be able to set up and run any kind of web application, as long as it can operate on a Linux equipment. If you use a CentOS-powered server, you can update any part of your Operating System in accordance with your needs. The fact that CentOS is absolutely free also means that you will need to pay only for your server, but not for any sort of license fees, which will cut down your overall expenses. A large team of developers and users stands behind CentOS, so that if you ever encounter any kind of problems, or you're simply unsure how to perform a certain task, you'll be able to discover a solution right away. An important benefit of the OS is also the fact that each and every release is officially supported and updated for at least ten years, so that you'll always have a safe and stable software environment.